Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thing # 23 ....The Last Thing....

Loved doing on-line training (I love self paced learning). Everything was great. I had a great time blogging and commenting on other blogs. I think that this is a wonderful tool for all teachers and many of us will use the tools learned here and add them to our classroom. I have a problem with technology but I feel that this was slow paced and had clear directions. I hope everyone is having a great summer. I feel that you all are going to have a great year.

1. I like Animoto and the Comic Strip sites.

2. I need to keep up with technology and ask my librairean for help (she is the greatest).

3. Photo Story was easier than I thought. It was very user friendly.

4. I know that everything we did was on-line, but it might be nice to get together and have a lesson plan party. Teachers can bring thier favorite lessons and share with others. I could bring cake :)

5. I would love to participate in another program like this. It's a great way to get hours, especially in the summer.

6. Sophistication in Learning

Have a blessed life:~)...

Thing # 22

Wow, almost done. I went to Nings for Teachers. I read a response about classroom management. It was nice to read about new techniques and new ways on dealing with students. This is a good place to vent and get advice from other teachers. Nings for Teachers is good at giving different view points about a variety of subjects. Reading some of the posts let me know that I am not alone. Here are some examples on how I would use Nings for Teachers:

1. TAGS- lots of good tags on the right-hand side of the screen. Good for creating lesson plans or finding information.

2. Vent/ask questions- explain a particular problem you are having in your classroom and/or make a comment. See who response to you and gives you advice.

3. Help others: give people advice and/or lessons that work for you. Teaching is sharing.

One more thing!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thing # 21

Thing # 20

I really liked youtube history videos. Many of them were from the History Channel and I can use them in my classroom. Since I am on my home computer and not on the school's computer; I had some trouble putting a Youtube picture on my blog. Teacher Tube is awesome! The video I chose was one about history (no big suprise). I liked that it was simple and to the point. I will defiently use Teacher Tube in my classroom.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thing # 19

It was great! I really liked looking at all the cool websites. My favorites were and My

1. I like that students can create thier personal family trees. Also, students can upload thier personal pictures on and create a comic strip. This gives a feeling of ownership for the project.

2. This site is useful to libraries and students by informing them about new and exciting sites they can use for projects and homework assignments.

3. One idea is for My Heritage: students will create thier personal family trees. Next, students will place thier trees on a wall. They will then have pieces of string and connenct thier family trees with those who have similar backgrounds. We will discuss cultural diffusion in the classroom after the activity.

I will be on the look out for those who will cost money.

Thing # 18

To be honest I will probably not use any of these systems. I like the fact that it is free but if I already have the same kind of system on my computer, why use these? I do like that the PowerPoint presentations had more to offer than my own computer, but it doesn't mean I will run to Office Suite in order to create a power point presentation.